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​Fall 2018 Calendar

       Fall Quarter

       9/9/2018      Session 1
       9/16/2018    Session 2
       9/23/2018    Session 3

       9/30/2018    Session 4

       10/7/2018    Session 5
       10/14/2018  Session 6
       10/21/2018  Session 7
       10/28/2018  Session 8
       11/4/2018    Session 9 (daylight savings ends)
       11/11/2018  Session 10

       11/18/2018  No Sunday school (Thanksgiving)
       11/26/2018  Session 11

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The purpose of our Sunday School is, through teaching of the Bible, to help seekers to know Christ, to encourage new believers to build up their faith, to exhort believers to know the biblical truth and live a spiritual life. We have various Sunday School classes for people of different ages and languages. Adult classes cover Bible surveys, in-depth study of individual Bible books, overview of biblical doctrine, and other special topical studies. ​

Pre-K Church (9:45am - 10:45am)

Children learn through Bible stories, crafts, and Bible memorization. There are snacks and playtime. Lessons will be from the book of Genesis: Creation, Noah, Abraham and Isaac. Core worldview: What is God’s loving plan for the world and for us?

Nursery Church (9:45am - 10:45am, 11am - 12:15am)

Faithful and loving staff take care of the Nursery (ages 0 – 3) during Sunday School and Worship services.

3rd - 6th Grade Children Church (11am - 12:15am)

The class will be learning/reviewing the books of the O.T. and how the Bible was written. They will finish learning the parts of prayer and delve into putting it into practice, how to pray. There will be 3 units: 1, Popularity and Success, 2, Rules - God’s laws express His love for us and help us and show love to others; and 3, Communication - Communication is a powerful tool that can help build others up or tear them down. Students are required to memorize Bible verses and do various projects that go with the lessons and apply what they learn in their lives.

7th - 8th Grade Class (9:45am - 10:45am)

The 7th and 8th grade Sunday school class will continue using the Answers in Genesis Curriculum, “It All Begins with Genesis.” The lessons teach a Biblical worldview as we inductively study Genesis chapters one through eleven. The goal is for students to learn what the Bible says, apply it to their lives, and be prepared to defend their faith.

High School Class (9:45am -10:45am)

Topic: the journey continues. We have many newly baptized high schoolers and they talked about God as their Lord and Savior and knowing God as their Lord when sharing in their testimony. We will discuss how to be faithful in this journey with our God.

Adult English Class (9:45am - 10:45am)

JF John Wong will continue teaching on Romans 8, and James Dodson will teach from the Psalms. We welcome Scott Lindsley as our Adult English Sunday School teacher for the month of October. He is a graduate of Multnomah Seminary (Th.M.) in 2015.

Adult Cantonese Sunday School (9am - 10:45am)
Book of Joel and Book of Revelation (約珥書/啟示錄 - 未世預言必讀書卷)

“念這書上豫言的,和那些聽見又遵守其中所記載的,都是有福的,因為日期近了”(啟一:3) 你要知道末世要發生的事情,人類、魔鬼最後的結局嗎?在這動盪的世代中,天災人禍、經濟不穩定、道德沉淪、不法之事頻繁,正是風不調雨不順,國不泰民不安;人類的盼望在哪裏呢? 這都可從約珥書/啟示錄中找到答案。

​約珥書/啟示錄主要是講到未來的事,但對我們今日應有的生活有密切關係。如何去明白這兩卷書 呢? 請來參加聖經信息協會的查經班, 鄧英善牧師將會逐章逐節的帶領你明白其中的意義。


Adult Mandarin Class (9:45am - 10:45am)
The Mandarin class will study Basics of Christian Faith. We will learn the Gospel truths from the Bible, including who is Jesus, salvation by faith, Jesus Christ's resurrection, etc. This is an interesting class that allows you to examine the challenging questions around faith and salvation.

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