1/28/2018Pastor James Hsiao"Understanding God's Will" - John 5:15-16 (in Mandarin)
4/1/2018Dr. John Terveen

"In The Twinkling of An Eye"

4/8/2018Dr. John Terveen

"How to Survive and Thrive through the Storm of Life" -  Mark 4:35-41

4/15/2018Dr. John Terveen

"Jesus and (the real) Zombie Apocalypse" - Mark 5:1-20

4/22/2018Dr. John Terveen

"No Laughing Matter" - Mark 5:21-43

4/29/2018Dr. John Terveen

"Finding Your Legs on the Road of Discipleship" - Mark 6:1-30

5/6/2018Dr. John Terveen"Jesus' Identity: Echoes of Exodus" - Mark 6:31-56
5/13/2018Dr. John Terveen

"Deborah, A Mothering Mentor Who Leads by the Hand" -  Judges 4-5

5/20/2018Dr. John Terveen"At the End of the Day ... Ground Zero with God" -  Colossians 1:1-8
5/27/2018Dr. John Terveen"How to Leave Behind a Legacy of Leadership that Lasts" - Acts 20:17-38
6/3/2018Dr. Wayne Strickland"Expectations for You in the Christian Life" - Matthew 22:23-40
6/10/2018Dr. John Terveen"OK - I’m Not Perfect, BUT ..." - Philippians 3:12-16
6/17/2018Dr. Barry Davis"Priorities and Problems" - 2 Chronicles 20:1-37
6/24/2018Dr. Barry Davis"Overwhelmed by the Script of Life" - Psalm 69:1-9
7/1/2018 (no worship service - church camp)
7/8/2018Dr. Jay Held"An Invitation to the Best Life Possible" - Psalm 1:1-6 
7/15/2018Dr. Phil Johnson"God Keeps His Own in Security" - Psalm 121​
7/22/2018Dr. Phil Johnson"The Lord is faithful in loving and caring for His own" - Ruth 1
7/29/2018Dr. Jay Held "The Big Picture Psalm" - Psalm 2
8/5/2018Mr. May"The Secret to Life Colossians" - 1:15 – 23 (no recording)
8/12/2018James Chin"The Secret to (Body) Life: God’s Family (the Church)"
Baptism Testimonies
8/26/2018Dr. Roger Trautmann
"Growing Through the Unexpected" - 2 Peter 1: 1-11
9/2/2018Dr. Phil Johnson"God’s hand is open to His people" - Ruth 2
9/9/2018Dr. Phil Johnson"God’s hand is open to His people" - Ruth 2:18 - 3:18
9/16/2018Dr. Phil Johnson
"The Blessings of Faith in the Believer’s Life" - Ruth 3:16 - 4:17
9/23/2018Dr. Phil Johnson
"The Way to Happiness?" - Psalm 1
9/30/2018Rev. James Dodson"The New Covenant" - Jeremiah 31:31-34
10/7/2018Pastor Scott Lindsley"The Great Invitation" - Luke 11:1-13
10/14/2018Pastor Scott Lindsley
"Thy Kingdom Come" - Matthew 6:9-13; 26:36-42
10/21/2018Pastor Scott Lindsley
"Surprised by Mercy" - Matthew 6:9-13; Genesis 18:16-33
10/28/2018Pastor Scott Lindsley
"Lamenting in Faith" - Psalm 13; Lamentations 3
11/4/2018Pastor James Hsiao"The Secret in Getting Prayers Answered" - 1 John 5:14-15 (Video: part 1, part 2, part 3)
11/11/2018Pastor Scott Lindsley
"Persistently Praying with Patience" - Luke 18:1-8
11/18/2018Pastor Wallace Young"Give Thanks in All Circumstances" - I Thessalonians 5:18
11/25/2018Pastor Scott Lindsley
"Praying with Gratitude" - Romans 1:20-32 & I Thessalonians 5:16-18
12/2/2018Dr. Carl Laney"Key Events in the Life of Christ"
12/9/2018Dr. Carl Laney"Life of Christ Before Birth"
12/16/2018Dr. Phil Johnson"Mary’s Magnificent Praise" - Luke 1:39-56

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