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Men Group Basketball Watching Night - January 5, 2015

July 18 - Aug 22: Ping Pong Fun Days (11:00 am - 12:30 pm)

Chinese Faith Baptist Church cordially invites community and church family to join our ping pong fun days.  We welcome any level and provide some coaching for beginners.

Chinese New Year Celebration - February 28, 2015  -  Come and Join the Party!

The evening started out with a Lamb Cooking Contest.  The best dish was chosen by representatives from each table.  After the meal we had a Group Table Song Competition. The competition was judged on bravery, tone, originality and use of all the words from a list.  The songs were sung in both English and Chinese.  Some of the other games enjoyed during the evening were solving  Chinese riddles and passing wrapped gifts around the room removing a layer of gift wrap each time the music stopped until all the layers were removed. The winner got to go home with the prize.   The evening was filled with lots of wonderful food, fun, and laughter.  Thanks to all who helped organize the party  and all who attended.  

CFBC Young Adult Rock Climbing Event - December 13, 2014

The youth group has four girls from CFBC plus four more invited guests to participate in the rock climbing event.  The activity went very well.  Although they were a bit tiring, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It was a very good bonding experience that allowed them to support each other in pushing their mental and physical boundaries.  Even thought their arms were so sore at the end, however, they all would like to come back and do it again in the future.  

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